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Wanderlust Moonseeker Lenormand

Wanderlust Moonseeker Lenormand

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ntroducing  The Wanderlust Moonseeker Lenormand  comes as companion and add on from the Wanderlust Moonseeker Tarot  deck here 

Delight in the gentle elegance of this captivating divination deck! 

With 36 cards with the style and elements of Lenormand, this is a one-of-a-kind set.

The blend of images and art elements, from the tarot deck style:  gives the Wanderlust Moonseeker Lenormand a sweet soft guidance.

Card deck size will be either Bridge or Poker size.

Limited Print

For a limited time, we are offering a printed edition from a local Aussie printer. We require a minimum quantity, and the deck will come either shrink-wrapped and complimentary bag. 

Packed and posted to you from my studio.

Since its a small deck i have added option for it to be posted to you via envelope no tracking. see more info below. 

This Limited Print is Pre Order status - shipped and posted out March 30th 

The Print on Demand  Avail now

 with 300gsm quality.

Your order will be shipped directly from the printer to you. 

At this time there is no booklet


Limited Edition is posted via standard postage cost  as per below 

Limited Edition~ no tracking  - Plus shipping fee waived at checkout 

Since the deck is quite small it can be wrapped in small envelope with postage.

This may result in cheaper delivery, but you will not receive tracking information with your order. It also increases higher risk of loss  in transit or delayed arrival.  To avoid issues, use actual home adress and correct name no pseudonyms.  Please note:  If the item is lost in delivery transit after 30 days there will unfortunately not be able to offer a replacement or a refund.

Standard Postage 

Estimate 16.00USD for USA and international   

and 9.00AUD for Australia 

Delivery Time is about 10-14 days USA international

and Australia is 3-7 days 

packed and posted by me and delivered via Australia Post 

see more on my instagram

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