About Kelly Isara



 As an intuitive digital artist since 2013, Kelly Isara has created stunning and meaningful card decks that bring forward gentle energy, to invoke delicate,feminine forces, steering you towards your innermost secrets.

Aiding in your journey to connect with your inner mystic.

Kelly's oracle tarot decks have been praised, featuring sophisticated images to bring forth the mystical within you. 

Making the perfect cards to add to your readings, either as a beginner or as long term professional.  

I enjoy the creative process of crafting every card and the meticulous decisions that form a visual embodiment for that deck and specific theme. 

My cards can transport you to another realm full of beautiful imagery. Feel connected to the message of each card, through its unique themes and captivating style.Creating intuitive digital art, brings me joy. 

My oracle & tarot are an investment to help you connect  your inner wisdom. The Soft voice that divination can bring.  Without needing a psychic to consult. 

 Simply select a card and meditate, to let the images speak to your soul. 

my French Vintage stamp love oracle was my first love oracle i published in 2013 it has been Re-printed in 2022 as a classic edition. It has become one of my best sellers. 

Perfect to answer all questions of love.  See here to order 



My Psychic Tarot Reading Journey 15 years 

Kelly is a  gifted tarot psychic reader.

With a long history of successful predictions, she will provide you with insights into any important matter in your life.

A professional Psychic Tarot reader in business since 2005.  She began reading studying Tarot cards 10 years prior.

Traditional Tarot is her first love.  Using it as a tool to explore unconscious, hidden messages to help navigate our life path more easily.

Kelly is the perfect choice for accurate predictions, no matter the format. Her clairaudient & clairvoyant readings tap into the collective wisdom of the universe, providing reliable insights regardless of the circumstances.

Predicting timing and outcomes for love, career, legal issues, home, relocating all life situations. 

I am here to help navigate your soul journey, unlocking the knowledge you seek regarding love and all of life's matters. 

My experience and knowledge of esoteric subjects is diverse.

  • Tarot.  Rider Waite classic is my preferred deck 
  • Reading Astrology synastry charts for love 
  • Past Lives
  • i-ching divination 
  • Feng shui 
  • Spirit guides and angels, working with their divine power.
  • Playing cards/ Cartomancy 
  • Lenormand / Gypsy cards 
  • Manifestation /The law of attraction & so much more.

Attending expos, Hens Parties,corporate events and private parties 

  • Soul spiritual Expos
  • Hens night parties
  • Corporate & Private Events
  • Worked on international & Australian psychic phone lines
  • in person private consults 
  • email readings and so many more. 

Having dedicated 12 years of academic study in psychology, she possesses an Advanced diploma in applied social. science (counselling).   This combines spirituality and human science to provide profound guidance and intuition to clients through her cards. 

Kelly understands the challenges people go through. She's experienced and listened to countless personal stories via her clients.   

  • Love separation/ Reunion 
  • The clients lovers feelings and intentions 
  • Divorce outcomes/ Moving on 
  • Legal Matters / Career / Family custody issues
  • Financial outcomes of work and personal 
  • Finding Lost pets and/or their passed on spirit messages 
  • Work career promotions & raises
  • Home Purchasing & Relocation 
  • All life issues big or small

You can trust her expertise and wisdom to gain insight into the unknown.

Experience a personal reading for yourself with Kelly Isara see here 

About my planets

 I'm a Capricorn Sun / Aries moon / Pisces rising. 

I have Pluto in my 8th house amongst other aspects, this gives me a laser focused psychic energy. Giving my ability to the highest accuracy in my readings.

I live based in Melbourne, Australia with my 2 kitties

Dandelion  & Lulu ( Black)

Dandelion I found a 6-month-old rescue stray, in my backyard in 2016. 

Lulu was an adorable 4 year old foster who stayed forever and is now 18 years!

My fur babies are my universe, each with pawsitively purrfect personalities!

Blessings Kelly Isara