Copy of Digital Art Commissions



I'm Kelly Isara

I love making digital art with soul. 

I'm an intuitive digital artist since 2013 experience creating beautiful art with a soulful touch, you can trust my technical expertise in digital platforms to bring your vision to life.

all artwork on this site is created by me.

My style is:

  • Vintage Collage Shabby chic style 
  • Romantic Cosy sweet 
  • celestial cosmic modern
  • As seen in my decks here on the site. 

However, If you like the style of my designs that you see here in the website, then we will be able to work together and create a beautiful designs for your project.

Unlock your creative potential with a custom-made oracle deck or digital art designed together with me! Together, let's create something special: your own powerful vision brought to life.

such as:

  • oracle/ affirmation card deck
  • digital art for social media
  • Greeting cards or book covers etc 
  • Specialised Project 

If you would like to collaborate with me on making your own oracle deck or  creating digital art for your specialised project

Please contact me directly/ or via web form with details : 

  • Project info 
  • What your budget it is
  • The expected timeline you have in mind
  • what is your industry and who is your audience
  • your expectations are for the project/ art design. 

Kelly Isara