Welcome to the FAQ 

My goal is to provide you with helpful information about the products and services i offer. 

Please contact me directly, Kelly for any order or deck issues or questions mysticstarlux@gmail.com 


Q.What products do you sell?

A. Tarot and oracle decks designed by me,Kelly Isara 

Romantic theme. vintage style with cottage core elements. Also celestial/ industrial styles.  

 Q.Are booklets included? 

A. Yes they are A6 soft cover booklets with the oracle decks that are shipped as separate item.  some decks do not have booklets.  Please make sure you read the listing. 

 Q.I lost my booklet for my deck, can i get a replacement? 

A. You can order a single booklet from the shop here

Q. I lost a card from my deck can i get a replacement ? 

A. Unfortunately no. i don't have extra cards. 

Q. Do you offer readings ? 

A. yes i do see shop here

Discount /Wholesale 

Q. Can i get discount for bulk order ?

A. Yes min. bulk order be at least 5 plus decks in one order to receive any discount. Likely free shipping. contact me to discuss further.

Q. Do you offer wholesale ? 

A. Yes. MOQ is 10 decks and  for micro business min 7 decks that can be mixed. email for info.  


Q.Do you offer promotional decks to readers on youtube or large social media pages?  

A. No. However, if you are one of the bigger names in the tarot community- you are welcome to reach out and discuss your ideas and request of using my decks. 


Q. Do you do giveaways to your loyal audience?

A. not yet. I definitely plan to in near future. 

Payment /Rewards 

Q. Do you have part payment options ?

A. For now i don't have that option at checkout.  You can contact me to arrange paypal part payments in an invoice. once all payments are made the item is then posted to you. 

Q. Do you offer loyalty points or affiliate rewards?

A. it is a feature i will be offering in near future. 

Q. Why was my order declined ?

A. It showed on the system as high risk. try another payment method such as paypal or another card. 

Please note : Your name and address much match the same as your c/card details. Please contact me to discuss any issues mysticstarlux@gmaill.com 


Q. Can i cancel my order and get a refund? 

A. Yes if it's within 48 hours of your order being placed.   

However If it is in transit or being processed at the printer, then no i cannot cancel and give a refund. 

If its a pre order you  no longer want to wait for then contact me and i can arrange for you. 


Q. Can i return my deck?

A. Returns are not accepted. especially since decks and people, hold vibrational energy. Customers, esp readers want 'energetically clean' decks that have been untouched.  I cant resell it as easily as a new deck. Generally i advise you to re-sell yourself, as its more cost efficient this way than refunding and to returning. 


Q. Where do you deliver ? 

A. Worldwide Except for some regions listed here on Australia post website and look for your country.  if you are not sure, email me. 

Q. When will i get my order?

A. Generally around 10-14 days for most orders.  

Q. What postage service do you use? 

A.  if  i am packing the order, i use Australia post standard international with tracking 

the rates vary from under 500g 18.00USD and over 500g to 1kg is 24 USD 

Shipping : via P.O.D  

If your order is POD deck then i process via the overseas printer. 

They use various delivery services. 

Transit times is about 10-14 days they will have tracking i can send you. 

Q. Why is shipping to USA  from Australia so expensive?

A. because of the distance it's located from the major countries of the world.
It simply takes longer to deliver a package from Australia to places like the United States, Europe, and China.


Reviews mean so much to me and they help assist other customers to decide on their shopping experience. so if you can offer your review i will give you a $5.00 voucher for your next order or a mini 3 Oracle card reading. 

Q. How do i leave a review? 

A. go to the listing of the deck you purchased and scroll down until you see the purple stars and option to leave a review

you will also receive an email from the 'judge me' app about 2 weeks after your order and you can fill that in also.  or you can email me direct mysticstarlux@gmail.com 

Mystic Starlux Business 

Q. how long have you been in business? 

as a professional psychic tarot reader since 2005. As an oracle deck creator & designer /publisher since 2013.  Read more about me here 

Further Info 

 Additionally, we do NOT replace or refund lost untracked orders.

Every case is unique so If there are issues or errors with your order, please email us at mysticstarlux@gmail.com with your order number, description of error, and picture evidence (if applicable).

We will be able to get to you faster if all of this information is provided in the first email you send. Thank you so much.