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The Darling Bloom Oracle

The Darling Bloom Oracle

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 Discover the unparalleled beauty of The Darling Bloom Oracle!

Abound in love and guidance as you explore its thoughtful contemplative messages and gorgeous pink and gold floral deck design.

The Darling Bloom Oracle Deck is the perfect blend of soul guidance and love guidance. Every card provides gentle yet profound messages to help you navigate both the inner and outer world.

Let The Darling Bloom Oracle be your trusted companion for insight and spiritual healing.

This oracle is here to offer you attention, nurturing and awareness, as you grow and evolve. Embrace the journey with soul-blooming messages about the significant roles we need to step into!

Cards : 

  • The Florist 
  • The Aligned Beauty 
  • The Bloom
  • The Simple 
  • The Alchemist 
  • The Beloved 
  • The Golden Ribbon

The deck includes 48 cards, each presenting the title and three keywords as a springboard for reflection.

Its intuitive design offers an opportunity to tap into your creative intuition to explore personal insight and growth.

3 Versions of the Deck & booklet to choose 

P.O.D & Booklet : P.O.D means Print on Demand overseas printer 

Also both deck and booklet are sent from the printers separately and not packed by me.

POD shrinkwrap- this has the text 'the darling bloom' on the back of the cards ( since there is no box)  

POD Matte box- is a lovely top and bottom box with the cards

The box has a smooth matt finish & feel to keep your cards The card in this box ( don't have text on back of cards) 

P.O.D & booklet : Packed and posted to you by me.

this option i receive the deck and booklet from overseas printer. Please allow extra time. Then i pack with pink ribbon and thank-you card and beautifully for you and post out in one package. with tracking Australia post satchel 14-21 days 


Postage /Delivery 

Here is what to expect with your order:
this is the version of the deck form overseas printer

I process your order about 1-3 days after receiving with the overseas printers.
They ship direct to you and you receive a mailer package.

Shipping and transit times vary based on your country.

Generally allow 14- 21 days. I do ship worldwide.
Tracking is only available to USA/Australia/
I supply tracking info when it becomes available.Usually a few days after the printer.

Holiday Season :
Processing & Shipping Information : Please allow extended Time for delivery.

© Kelly Isara The Darling Bloom Oracle March 2021-2023

copyright design,creation and concept you may not reproduce or communicate any of the content on this store/listing without the permission of the copyright owner.

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loved everything about my experience


Amazing, just amazing. Love them. 😍