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Rising Masculine

Rising Masculine

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Awakening Divine Male consciousness; To rise in his Masculine Self

This deck is designed to awaken the masculine self and help connect and align it with the male divine warrior.

It was created with male deck users in mind, with the goal of supporting and encouraging them to embrace their natural traits on their soul journey.

However this deck can be used by either gender for support and guidance to connect and acknowledge the male within, creating space and awareness.

48 Oracle messages such as :

  • Kingdom 
  • Killing the boy 
  • Sleeping Beast
  • Revolution 
  • Jester
  • Silent Stillness
  • Brotherhood and many more
  • Includes Dedication card & card of Authenticity from me the designer 

**pdf/ebook included in price. brief messages about each card.

About the deck creation :

As an energy reader and intuitive, I felt compelled to create a deck to help guide men on their journey towards understanding their masculine identity. This idea came to me in 2016, as I noticed a shift in the collective energy of women and a lack of support for men in this area. This deck is my way of offering support and validation as they navigate their inner journey towards reclaiming their true selves and becoming more soul conscious. The gemometric design and simple phrases are specifically chosen to help the unconscious mind,stay clear to connect and tap into their intuition.

For the men/masculine  :
As the creator of these cards and booklet, my goal is to assist and guide you, the male user. Each card provides a simple interpretation and an energy message that I have received for the greater male collective. Use these cards as daily meditations or as a means to delve deeper into your psyche and understand your emotions and needs. However you choose to utilize them, the messages are supportive and aim to help you on your soul journey.

For women : 

This deck is perfect for the woman who appreciates a man's depth and can assist in a deeper understanding of the men in your life.

Consider the language and messages used, as they are specifically directed towards the male user.  You may ask about how he is experiencing his inner world or how he feels in regards to you. consider the messages as his perspective.  

Remember, the message interpretations are simply a guide.

for your relationship

This deck can help bring you both  closer to understanding and empathizing with each other, revealing deeper layers and desires beyond the surface level.


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