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Design your own Deck - Work with me

Design your own Deck - Work with me

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  • Do you have a deck concept in your mind?
  • Do you wish to convey your spiritual message to others?
  • Unsure of where to begin? 
  • Do you feel the process is too confusing? or complicated

Design your very own Oracle deck with me!

I'll expertly guide your project and make sure it meets your goals in a one on one session

Ideal for such as :

  • Oracle deck
  • Affirmation cards
  • Love messages 
  • Tarot decks

This design package is the perfect tool for tapping into your inner creativity and working together creating your idea into reality. 

Bring your divination ideas to the next level with the help of this comprehensive design package.

Lets discuss 
  • Your vision/concept/ design style
  • modern celestial
  • vintage romance/Shabby chic 
  • affirmations
  • love guidance  
  • and your intended audience
  • all these explored during a call.  
Since 2013, I've published a wide variety of oracle decks - and now, I'm here to help you craft your own!

Investment for basic deck concept & print, only $899.00USD, and we offer payment options!

The return on investment; as little as 20 decks sold to your community and clients. It's quite simple!

I'm available to customise your deck according to your preferences, and the budget may change accordingly.

 My signature aesthetic, ranging from classic romanticism to modern celestial elements, will be reflected in your design.

If you prefer the delicate touch of flowery and ethereal aesthetics, my design will be perfect.

If you'd rather go with something different, just let me know. Nonetheless, I'm limited in how much I can deviate from my design style.

A comprehensive PDF explaining how to work with me is available

 $99.00 USD for 1 hour call we discuss:

  • Your project/style/ design 
  • Concept ideas
  • What your vision is
  • Your budget & audience 
  • Your position in the divination Tarot/oracle community or you wish to sell as side product with your other services 

I discuss my insights and demonstrate the most efficient way to construct the deck together. 

If we work together this $99.00USD can be deducted from the total project fee. 

email me to discuss more 

Or book a call  here to explore how we can work together.


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