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Psychic Tarot Business Coaching

Psychic Tarot Business Coaching

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When your gifted as a spiritual reader/ healer but limited in business skills,

It can be hard to know what changes to make and how to get the right outcome and customers.

Healers/ Psychics/Tarot Readers/ All spiritual modalities 

This session is to assist you in overcoming challenges and getting the business success you deserve!   

This is where i can assist you 

I have  successfully run my tarot psychic business since 2005. I read at expos,corporate events in person/ email reading clients, psychic lines and private phone readings. 

This means i have had exposure to many various formats of customers, readings and dealing with the companies that run these services.

I was in high demand from alot of companies due to my strong high accuracy readings and work ethic. i was always able to pick and choose who i worked along side.

Even as you run your own operation you can create a business others work under you. 

Social media has changed the landscape in many ways with this industry yes, but the principals of business are the same, and if you want to create a business that is long lasting and sustaining then the strong foundation will carry you

I have certificate in small business marketing. I applied some of those basics and used in my business with success. 

I also seen, up close other spiritual business owners, how they have made errors and mistakes that have hurt their clients & business. financially and emotionally. 

Please Note: these sessions exclude social media advice. We will be discussing principals and strategies for your business.  How you apply that to  your social media is up to you. 

these sessions include: 

  • What your vision is for your business & its message
  • What obstacles your facing
  • Clarify your pricing structure
  • What your customers need 
  • How to attract more clients 
  • Mini Shop/website critique 
  • and so much more 

 Mini Business Review - audio recorded 40mts 

  • This is a mini version of the longer version listed below
  • Shop/website critique
  • Pricing assessment
  • Clarify your business message
  • What changes may need to be made in your branding message /visuals and aesthetic etc

Every business is unique. So what we discuss will vary based on your business goals and needs.

My intuitive guidance will be part of this session with you also. 

 If you are ready to create change :

  • Be open to hear different strategies and ideas, thinking outside the box can be most beneficial 
  • Ready to make changes, allowing yourself to explore your business in a new way
  • Challenge yourself and be patient. Changes won't always happen quickly. 

Order your session with me, lets get started on your business blooming 

we will conduct the session via instagram phone.

I will email you the next avail time slots for you, likely within 3-5 days of your order. 

Any questions about this service email me 

 Blessings   Kelly  Isara 

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