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Astral Lovers Oracle

Astral Lovers Oracle

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Unlock the higher truth of love with Astral Lovers Oracle cards.

With 50 intricately illustrated cards, explore the depths of your soul with this exclusive deck and ascend to spiritual enlightenment. 

 The Astral Lovers Oracle offers the perfect combination of dreamy celestial style and soulful romanticism, making it the ultimate tool for your oracle or divination spiritual practice.

Delicately & intuitively designed to awaken your inner psychic awareness, this deck will help you explore a deeper connection with divine realms. Providing an exquisitely crafted gateway to a realm of understanding and appreciation that transcends conventional notions of love. 

An invitation to discover the nuances of a divinely inspired relationship, this oracle offers an intrepid insight into the multidimensional levels of romance.

Soul Ascension rising to higher truth of love.  

We are all seeking the same union for love and oneness. 

 We are here to experience love and raise our vibration to ascend into our highest truth.

How we experience and process love, is what transforms our hearts and minds.  It shapes our beliefs, truths and strips away the false ideas we hold about love

With so many different types of soul love to experience, it can be easy to feel lost about what each soul expression is showing up and which is real.  

We already posses a divine truth about who  we are and what we can become from the power of love.

Love is universal. Yet our soul experiences are personal and unique. 

We are all one.  A frequency of love. We are made form the stars and sky 

 Rising Higher to our truth. 

The sequence and patterns of soul love in this divine cosmos

This decks is for the healers, the readers, and the lovers of love and soul seekers looking to expand & explore your own intuitive awareness.  

For added extra layers to their love reading or seeking more depth to their soul guidance understanding their love purpose and destiny.

Understand and empower yourself in how love experiences shaped your soul and what you need from love moving forward. 

To experience love creates higher awareness, more depth in our soul, and expansion of our hearts.

Cards : 

  • Tantric Soul Bliss
  • Stargazing Soul Love 
  • Master Love Ascension 
  • Sacrifice Love Heart Visions
  • Spiral Souls 
  • Karmic Soul Love 
  • Akashic Doorway 

48 cards 3.5x5  and booklet 100 pages A6 softcover 

 3 Versions of the Deck & booklet to choose 

P.O.D & Booklet : P.O.D means Print on Demand overseas printer 

Also both deck and booklet are sent from the printers separately and not packed by me. 

P.O.D & booklet : Packed and posted to you by me.

this option i receive the deck and booklet from overseas printer. Then i pack with pink ribbon and thank-you card and beautifully for you and post out in one package. 

Boxed & Booklet : Unavail

from Local Aussie printer beautifully boxed and booklet packed by me and shipped to you.


Postage /Delivery 

Here is what to expect with your order:
this is the version of the deck form overseas printer

I process your order about 1-3 days after receiving with the overseas printers.
They ship direct to you and you receive a mailer package.

Shipping and transit times vary based on your country.

Generally allow 14- 21 days. I do ship worldwide.
Tracking is only available to USA/Australia/
I supply tracking info when it becomes available.Usually a few days after the printer.

Holiday Season :
Processing & Shipping Information :
Delivery : 9-10 business days (processing time 2-3 business days + shipping time 7 business days)
estimate 14 days. please allow up to 21 days.


© Kelly Isara   Astral Lovers Oracle 2021/2023

copyright design,creation and concept may not  be reproduced or any of the content on this store/listing without the permission of the copyright owner.

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Very nice thank you rose


Great communication and love the cards! Thanks


Brilliant artwork along with outstanding messages~




Beautiful deck and great quality!