Rising Masculine Oracle revised

In 2019, I created this unique oracle deck. However, the style and images I initially had in mind didn't quite match what I wanted. I ended up using only dark watercolors and card names.

Today i have redesigned the deck for the Simplicity and Elegance of Geometric Designs for Men.

Rising Masculine.
Awakening Divine Male consciousness

 this decks is for the soul conscious to awaken the masculine self.
To connect and inspire his alignment with the male divine warrior.

This was created with the male deck user in mind  
I have wanted to create something for the men on their soul journey for some time.
 to support and encourage men to no longer deny the strong traits inherit in who they are.
However this deck can be used by either gender for support and guidance to connect and acknowledge the male within, creating space and awareness.
To rise in their masculine self.

this oracle deck offers

this is a POD version of the deck, a mini pdf for this deck 

see in shop here 

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