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Midnight Lovers Oracle ~ night hours of soulmates

Midnight Lovers Oracle ~ night hours of soulmates

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Midnight Lovers Oracle

This unique card set unlocks the mysterious connection between soulmates and the night, helping couples to explore deeper feelings of love.

Every card has a message with thought-provoking, passionate feelings about being together and the emotions that come with it.

Add romance and mystery to your night - Midnight Lovers Oracle is for you!

Cards such as :

  • Lover Arriving
  • Sexy Rebel
  • Heart access
  • Magical Dimensions
  • Run to you
  • Faithful always
  • Exotic mystery
  • Precious Heart
  • Future pathways
  • Glitter Blessings and many more.

Perfect to blend with other cards for love in a spread. Or use as one card Answer

Let this treasured oracle guide you on your journey to true love.

74 Tarot sized cards
**No pdf/booklet ***
Kelly Isara©

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I love them. Thank you!


Cards are smaller than any other Oracle cards I have used but feel good and shuffle nicely. Pictures are cute, they would make a nice gift for a junior.
2 were plastic wrapped and 1 was plastic wrapped and in a box. Would be good if they all had the box so once they are unwrapped they can be kept safely together.
Guidebooks are still to arrive. Not sure why they don't all get posted together but am looking forward to seeing how they compliment the cards.