How to ask oracle cards about love?

 Asking oracle cards about love can be an enlightening experience.

It can provide clarity and insight into the complexities of love, as well as give you a better understanding of the dynamics of your current relationship.

To get the most out of your oracle card reading, here are some tips on how to approach it.

Begin by setting your intention.

Ask yourself why you are asking the cards about love and what you hope to gain from it. This will help you focus your question and get more clarity.

Once you have set your intention, take a few moments to relax and clear your mind. This will help you open up to the guidance of the cards and give you the best possible reading.

Example questions to ask: 

  • where is this love heading? 
  • What can i expect from my love situation? 
  • What are the feelings in this love connection?   
  • What do i need to know about having a relationship with this person? 

Next, choose your cards.

There are many different types of oracle cards available, so find a deck that resonates with you and your question. Once you have chosen your cards, shuffle them and ask your question.

Focus on your question as you shuffle and make sure to keep your intention in mind. After shuffling, you can either draw one card or select three cards to form a spread.

When you draw your card, take a few moments to really look at it and allow yourself to be open to its message. Notice the imagery, colors, and symbols, and see if any of them stand out to you.

When interpreting your card, look at both the upright and reversed meaning.

The reversed meaning often carries more weight, so pay attention to it.

Finally, remember that the oracle cards are not telling you what to do.

They are simply providing you with guidance and insight.

Take the time to really consider its message, and use it to help you make the best decisions for yourself.

Let me know your experiences. 


Kelly Isara 

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