Can you do tarot spreads with oracle cards?

Tarot spreads are a popular method used in divination to gain insights and guidance into different aspects of life.

Traditionally, tarot cards have been the preferred tool for conducting these spreads. However, many people wonder if it is possible to use oracle cards instead. In short, the answer is yes. You can indeed do tarot spreads with oracle cards.

While tarot cards and oracle cards have some similarities, they also have distinct differences. Tarot cards consist of a structured deck with 78 cards, divided into major and minor arcana. Each card has its own symbolism and meaning, allowing for in-depth interpretations. Oracle cards, on the other hand, offer a more free-form approach. They are typically themed decks that include a variety of messages and images meant to inspire and provide guidance.

When using oracle cards for tarot spreads, it's important to adapt your approach to suit the nature of the cards. While tarot spreads often follow a specific layout and structure, oracle card spreads can be more flexible. You can create your own spread or modify existing tarot spreads to accommodate oracle cards.

To begin, you can choose a question or area of focus for your spread. Shuffle the oracle cards and lay them out according to your chosen spread pattern. Each card you draw will provide guidance and insights related to the question or area of focus. Look at the images, symbols, and messages on the cards to interpret their meaning.

Since oracle cards tend to offer more intuitive and inspirational messages, the interpretations may be more subjective compared to tarot cards. Trust your intuition and the guidance that the oracle cards provide. Allow the messages to speak to you and guide your understanding of the situation at hand.

Although tarot spreads are typically associated with more in-depth and complex readings, oracle card spreads can offer a different perspective and fresh insights. They can be a valuable tool for self-reflection, personal growth, and decision-making.

In conclusion, tarot spreads can indeed be done with oracle cards.

These versatile cards can be used to provide guidance and insights into various aspects of life. Whether you prefer the structured symbolism of tarot cards or the intuitive messages of oracle cards, both can be effective tools for divination. Experiment with different spreads, trust your intuition, and enjoy the journey of self-discovery that tarot and oracle cards can provide.

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