Angels & Altars of Devotion Deck

Angels & Altars of Devotion Deck

As i began my journey into more ritual and prayer meditations at my altar.

i noticed i couldn't find many images that were spiritual and beautiful to use as a focus and healing on my altar space, so I created this deck. 

This is a deck created with Ai using my prompts for descriptions

Plus i knew i wouldn't be able to create something so beautiful myself as these images depict

there is estimate 66 cards in the deck. i have 93 images so im not sure to use as whole deck.

the design is still in progress -it might be ready in Deecember to order or In Jan

i'll add more here about the deck  as it's closer to being ready. 

It will be via POD and i will offer gold edging in POD options 

anyway let me know your thoughts 

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I feel it’s divine intervention that you create this deck Kelly.
I definitely hope to own one with which to meditate on the Angel energy.

Melissa Tonkin

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