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Divine Ascension Love Reading

Divine Ascension Love Reading

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What is the higher dimension of your love ?

What is the energetic message for your coming together? 

What form is your love manifesting? 

Soul Ascension rising to higher truth of love.  

We are all seeking the same union for love and oneness. 

 We are here to experience love and raise our vibration to ascend into our highest truth.

With so many different types of soul love to experience, it can be easy to feel lost about what each soul expression is showing up and which is real.

* this reading is not defining twin flames etc  or soulmate but im reading the frequency of your love and how it expresses itself. with the cards and what it means for you. 

Love is universal. Yet our soul experiences are personal and unique. 

The sequence and patterns of soul love in this divine cosmos

This reading is for the healers, the readers, and the lovers of love and soul seekers looking to expand & explore your own intuitive awareness. 

This 5-card oracle reading delves into your love's true purpose, revealing the soul lessons you and your partner are learning and the frequency patterns in the soul contract between you that are being challenged and healed.

It also uncovers the new patterns being created by your unique relationship, ultimately becoming teachers for each other on your soul paths.

Discover the cosmic purpose of your love together.

 You can ask one question or you can provide your first names and i will read the energy surrounding your love and its higher frequency of lessons love and purpose. 

 *photos are images from the Astral Lovers Oracle  as well as other cards if i feel guided.  that will be used in your reading

Your reading will be delivered via email with photo of spread and MP3 audio within 3-5 days from order,  depending on previous orders in que. 

Blessings Kelly Isara 


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