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Harvest Moon Oracle

Harvest Moon Oracle

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Harvest Moon Oracle ~ The Original 

This  halloween style magic deck has playful messages that reveal the shadowy sides of ourselves and life, illuminating the obstacles that could be keeping us from growing in our spiritual journey.

Plus, it provides much-needed guidance during life's transformation moments in life.

Cards include such as :

  • Coffin Treasure 
  • Voodoo Zombie
  • Wolf Moon Howl 
  • Raven Vision
  • Moonlight Witch 
  • Pumpkin Ghoul
  • Premonition
  • Scarecrow Mask 
  • Ghost Wizard..and many more...

Understand fears or concerns in love relationship.
these cards can reveal blocks and unconscious fears your both facing to move ahead in your love relationship.  any emotional difficulties about what you can do to resolve yourself.

Or Use in magic rituals or add to your witchy energy altar, whatever your style of divination or magic.

Answer questions such as:

  • What fears prevent me from love or succeeding?
  • What am I unconsciously clinging to?
  • How can I let go and bring on new change?
  • Or Which Halloween theme should I prioritize this year?
  • What Halloween Magik should i use ?

Each card's reverse side has a written magik message, composed with a peppy rhythm like a witch reading out her spell or rite.

No need for intricate words or precise punctuation. This is art, showcasing my inventiveness and the way I picked to utilise the language/phrases.

The message is to offer prompt to your intuition. 

Some cards in this deck have complex and hidden symbols and messages, these are detailed and explained in the handbook.

Released in 2015, this style is a little less sophisticated, than my current deck designs.

It's adored by folks who appreciate my vibe!

Deck :

30 Tarot card size 2.75"x4.75' 
Booklet Option : A6 49 pages est.( soft cover)

If you order the booklet - it is also shipped from a separate printer.
This will arrive within a week or so from your cards.


Here is what to expect with your order :

I process your order about 1-3 days after receiving with overseas printers.
They ship direct to you and you receive a mailer package within  10-14 days..

If you order the booklet - it is also shipped from a separate printer.
This will arrive within a week or so from your cards.

I do ship worldwide. tracking is available.

Shipping Information :
Delivery : 9-10 business days (processing time 2-3 business days + shipping time 7 business days)
estimate 14 days. please allow up to 21 days.

© Kelly Isara Harvest moon published Feb 2015 -2023
design,creation and concept you may not reproduce or communicate any of the content on this store/listing without the permission of the copyright owner.

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Customer Reviews

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The artwork is very nice. Would have preferred in a tarot size but they work well.




delicate artistic fantastic cards
responsible seller replying messages soon


Lovely letter on beautiful writing paper and envelope. Very inspiring reading. Thank you so much Kelly. Great to be able to support local businesses. Highly recommend. Will definitely order again.