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Starlux Synastry Lovers

Starlux Synastry Lovers

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Starlux Synastry Lovers

Astrology consult

This is where we explore your love connection and the planets that influence your energy together 

  • Soul connection 
  • What lessons need healing/karma
  • Attraction/ Sex Energy 
  • Fate and it's role in your attraction 
  • The Purpose of your love together
  • Dominant energies and planets. The power struggles and so much more. 
  • Their fidelity 
  • The break up will they be mean? 
  • If it's a divorce we can see the people's energy and reactions.
  • Reuniting possibilities in your relationship 

We will look at the main planets Venus, mars, moon and Jupiter Saturn etc and some  important asteroid influences for love and romance. Commitment and Fate. 

This can be for any love connection, so you don't need to be in relationship together.

3rd party we can see if there is any influences. but this will depend on your love situation. 

I will use either Composite or synastry chart.  These are two different charts that offer slightly different energies about your love.  In the 90 minute call we can look at both. 

You can choose  60m/ 90mts Audio  mp3 

For the 90mts we can do as a live call. ( or you can ask for it as MP3)

As a recording its easier for me to take my time and explore your chart and the nuances between you and your love person. 

You can ask questions for your session, but please provide those questions when you send your birth details. 

Sessions :  

Sent 7 days up to a week from order  est. 

I will need :

your time of birth and location and their time of birth and location, it's most helpful for the best accuracy.

Let me know if you don't have it, we can still do the session but the  information may be a little more generalised/limited

I will email you times avail, when i receive your order for the next avail appt. 

Your sessions will likely be made within a week of your booking. and i will send you a copy of the chart before our session begins if we do live call 

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Customer Reviews

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Sooo Good!

This session was so helpful. I could understand the dynamic between me and my love person. I can now see why it's been so difficult! Will follow up with you again soon
Thanks Kelly