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Soul Psychic Tarot Phone Reading

Soul Psychic Tarot Phone Reading

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Unlock your emotional potential and gain spiritual insight with a Soul Psychic Tarot Phone Reading. This reading provides you the knowledge to make effective decisions and navigate challenging situations.

Get the accurate advice you need to manifest the best path forward.

 Get answers to your questions with a Soul Psychic Tarot Phone Reading.

Combining the power of Tarot and Lenormand cards, I use a combination of divination and psychic energy readings to provide an accurate and insightful look at your relationship, feelings, obstacles, and probable outcomes.

Trust the cards and my expertise to help you discover what matters to you.

Oracle cards will be used to summarize the reading and leave you feeling relaxed, calmer, and more clear-minded. Make sense of the direction your life is heading!

My unique combination of astrological features, from my Capricorn Sun to my Pluto in the 8th house, amplifies the precision and focus of my psychic energy for accurate readings. 

Timing /Predictions :

This Tarot Phone Reading offers an insightful look into the spiritual world, with readings based on the energy and messages currently present.

My predictions and achievements are backed by client feedback and reviews, though the outcome of each reading may vary.

Rest assured, I will never make promises I'm uncertain about, and will provide an honest explanation of my impressions of the energy.

Health /Legal:
Although I am not a lawyer or health professional, I do not claim to diagnose.
It is still possible to explore what the energy around that issue is for a deeper understanding.
So if you have health or finance questions, I'll read on them, unlike many psychics who won't.

No Judgement & Strictly Confidential 
My experience as a tarot reader has been delivering invaluable insights for over 15 years, helping you gain understanding and insight into a range of topics including relationships, money, and career advancement.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re receiving accurate, honest, and invaluable advice.

  • Please know that I take your matters seriously.
  • I support you on your choices
  • I have no judgement your situation.
  • It is your sole responsibility what you do with the information/guidance.
  • Your sessions with me are strictly confidential.

Readings can be scheduled within

3--5 days. Blessings  Kelly Isara 

Reviews listed are a genuine select few from my years in psychic tarot reading practice. 

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